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Rules For Posting Comments

Submitting a comment doesn’t guarantee that it will be, or remain, posted. Here’s how to increase your chances:

1. Please confine comments to the topic of the post, and do not post the same comment more than once.

2. Brevity is the soul of wit, so it’s great if you can make your case in 250 words instead of 500. If you can cut back to 150 words, even better. The Stiletto reserves the right to edit out redundancy or verbosity. But The Stiletto is not a “poofreader,” so typos or grammatical errors will not be corrected.

3. Proper attribution (source; author; date; permalink or URL of the printer-friendly version, if available) should be given when including words, phrases, headlines or ideas in your post that are not your own. With plagiarism being rampant among MSM print journalists, The Stiletto feels the need to make this request explicitly.

4. The Stiletto does not care for barnyard language. She reserves the right to remove or refuse expletive-laden comments. If an otherwise thoughtful exposition includes just one or two four-letter words, she will substitute its equivalent from Wikipedia’s list of fictional expletives. Example: “What the cruck is Jimmy Carter thinking, going to Iran to meet with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad?”

5. The Stiletto will also remove or refuse comments that include ad hominem attacks on her or on other posters; pejorative or disparaging language; and ethnic, racial or sexual slurs. The use of invective in place of insight makes liberal blogs uniformly tiresome and above all, The Stiletto aims to be a good read.