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You Won't Do Nothing As She Keeps On Cutting
'Cause You Know You Love The Knife

Welcome to The Stiletto, an eponymous current events blog at the nexus between cut-throat politics and high-end footwear.  Plus stuff that makes The Stiletto laugh so hard that the martini she’s sipping (unflavored super-premium imported vodka, straight up) comes out her nose.

No doubt you’ve already noticed that, like
Bob Dole, The Stiletto prefers the third person for self-reference. No reason, other than it boosts the search engine ranking of her blog. If it also annoys liberals, so much the better.

The Stiletto is a news junkie (not in the
Jason Leopold sense, mind you), and spends what free time she has speed-reading through several RSS feeds, online editions of dozens of newspapers; AP, UPI and Reuters newswires; a passel of online news, business and tech magazines; plus various Web sites and blogs devoted to political news and (mostly, but not exclusively, conservative) commentary.

The Stiletto enjoys thoughtful, well-researched, elegantly written exposition on the momentous issues of the day as much as the next person. But The Stiletto is a busy, busy girl and the next person isn’t writing this blog, so she likes to get to the thrust of the matter in a few quick strokes. When The Stiletto goes in for the kill, her MO is to dip her blade in acid before plunging it into her hapless victim: A snarky headline and/or incisive observation, and her work is done. In and out.

If you have time on your hands – or your boss is on vacation – and want to read the full-length versions of what The Stiletto reads, click on the links to her favorite publications, columnists and Web sites. Keep in mind that imbedded links may be perishable, or may lead to paid archives or content sources that require registration or subscriptions to access.

Should you want to bring a target to The Stiletto’s attention for quick dispatch – or even to wield the knife yourself – send your tips and story ideas to
thestiletto@thestiletto.info. Please include the permalink or the URL of the printer-friendly version, if available.

Now settle in, get comfy and see whose soft, white underbelly The Stiletto has stuck her blade into today.

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